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About Us

Hedges Lawn Care is a family-owned small business located in the Madison Wisconsin area dedicated to providing the highest quality lawn care, seasonal maintenance and snow removal services. We understand that each lawn is unique and we carefully tailor our services to meet our client’s needs.

Meet the Team

About Us Photo (Gabe)



While growing up in Columbus, Ohio Gabe fell in love with Lawn Care. He started by maintaining his church’s acre of land from trimming bushes, weeding and mulching beds, and finally mowing the grounds (and battling the ever flooding rain ditch out back,) He quickly began to start his own lawn care company until he hung up the shovel to go to college. 

During his college experience he was able to continue taking care of the church grounds and even interned at one of the nation's leading landscaping companies where he realized how much he enjoyed lawncare. After living in Madison Wisconsin since 2020 and working for another landscaping business Gabe is now able to start his dream- Hedges Lawn Care!

When Gabe isn’t working or doing lawn care, he is drinking coffee and flipping old things and selling them like new! One of his favorite flips was a pair of old roller skates he bought for four dollars and sold for three hundred despite Kate telling him they were junk.



While Gabe was out falling in love with the lawn care world, Kate was right beside him! (Highschool sweethearts over here) Growing up Kate always loved maintaining her family’s yard, mowing, trimming, planting you name it. But her favorite job was the garden boxes she had filled with herbs and flowers out back. She believes nothing beats the smell of a full garden box of thyme. 

Fun fact about Kate- she worked and went to school in the culinary industry for years. She made wedding cakes, worked in many restaurants and even competed and won Food Network’s Guys Grocery Games! Now after the busy culinary lifestyle she hung up her apron and now happily taking care of her many house plants, holding any baby she can and now helping you with your lawn too!

About Us Image (Kate)
Garden Hose Sprinkler

Our Values

We believe that every client and lawn’s needs are unique to them. Here at Hedges Lawn Care we strive to carefully tailor our services to meet our client’s needs creating a one of a kind experience with high quality results.

We also believe in community over competition, so if you have decided that we aren't right for you, no worries! We are happy to give you a few recommendations for your lawn care needs.

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